Did you know these were olympic sports?

With the Summer Olympics just around the corner in Paris, we couldn’t help but pay tribute to some of the most epic moments in sports history with our brand new Olympics-inspired t-shirt collection. Each original unisex tee is made with 100% organic cotton for the softest fit that’s made to last. Savagely bold, each design is our own unique take on some of the Games’ most iconic sports. But beyond the obvious crowd favorites like gymnastics, how many of these sports did you know were celebrated at the Olympics?


Tee up for this classic. In case you missed it: Golf is a beloved Summer Olympic sport. It was first celebrated at the 1900 Olympic Games and has only been celebrated a handful of times since: in 1904, 2016, 2020, 2021, and now, 2024! In honor of this (kind of) new sport, we present our Hole in One tee. 


Then of course, there are fan favorites like gymnastics. Who doesn’t love a bound-to-go-viral floor routine? In honor of the insanely talented athletes behind one of the world’s most popular sports, we bring you our Flip and Roll tee!


When the modern Olympics were taking shape, cycling formed a part of the event’s five core sports. So in honor of cycling’s long history, we present the Cannibal Route tee. Horseback Riding, featured on our Saddle Up tee, is also one of the game’s oldest disciplines.

While track and volleyball get a lot of love, other sports like boxing and baseball are also popular events. Like golf, boxing dates back to the start of the 1900s and was first celebrated in 1904 in St. Louis. It wasn’t until 2012 however until the women’s category was opened. Rounding out the roster, we have America’s pastime, baseball, which officially joined the Olympic program in 1992.


Then of course, there are some of the modern Olympics’ core sports that are still as popular today as they were over a hundred years ago. From sailing to the track and field athletes who take a daring dive over a horizontal bar. Both track and field and sailing joined the Olympic ranks in 1896. In fact, our Finn Class tee honors one of the most popular sailboat models, the Finn dinghy, which was widely used by Olympians for decades.

That rounds out our brief rundown of lesser known Olympic sports. How many were you familiar with? And which events would you like added to the roster? We know we can’t wait to watch this year’s Games and cheer on all of the Champions this summer!

Thanks socks much!

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